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A Window of Good husbandry on 14 000 ha.

Why is this project original ? 76 voluntary farmers to fight against pollution of agricultural origin and to preserve water quality.

They are engaged in a European program in which 4 institutional partners invest themselves to limit the impact of husbandry on the environment.

In the middle of the department of Aisne, a small brook holds all the European attention: The Péron, 76 farmers committed themselves setting up good husbandry to improve quality of this catchment area of 14 000 hectares : all water flows out directly in this affluent of La Serre.

The Engagements:

The farmer, while agreeing to follow all the steps and meetings about the progression of Agri Péron, commits himself working to revolve good husbandry within the framework of the project.

By keeping informed the farmers of the progression of Agri Péron, the 4 partners of the project got involved in the way to bring an attendance to the 76 committed farmers. From the diagnosis of the risks of transfer of agricultural pollution on the whole area catchment to the proposals for installations the most adapted to the needs, the partners will help the farmers with each stage.

The farmers will profit from Farmstar® technology during 2 years (followed cultures by satellite and agronomic advices).

The project Life environment Agri Péron :

Over a three years duration, the Agri Péron project is a part of the Life environment European program. All the steps are carried out so that the 14 000 hectares of the catchment area of Péron are used as references in term of good husbandry to fight against diffuse and punctual pollution.

  • Agri Péron Life environment : Duration: From September 2004 to July 2007.
  • Partners: Chambre d’Agriculture de l’Aisne. To know more -->
  • Cerena, (Thenelles, 02) co-operative to which adheres the majority of the volunteers
  • Arvalis Institut Vegetal (Estrées Mons, 80)
  • Infoterra France(Toulouse, 31)
  • Objectives: to promote the agricultural methods and technics taking part in the fight of ponctual and diffuse pollution by nitrates and phytosanitary products. To know more -->
  • Budget: 655 000 €.

The river banks which protect the Péron

Agri Péron, a LIFE-environment project :

The specific aim of LIFE-environment is to contribute to the development of innovative techniques and methods and to the development of the community oriented environmental policy.

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